Before you turn on the camera as an attendee to a virtual wedding, have you thought about what to wear, when to send your gift and what etiquette to follow as a virtual guests?

We’ve got you covered with a few key etiquette rules to make you a valued guest on the couple’s special day.

Be prepared and Be on time

Make sure you are ready to be a virtual guest by checking your internet speed and that your device  works properly and produces a quality image.

Set up your camera in an appropriate place and use a portrait style angle (nobody want to see nostrils and chins).

Make sure your space is clean and has a nice background free from distractions and clutter and according to, if you want to go the extra mile you can decorate your space.

“It isn’t just about tidying up, it’s also about staging the area with décor that is thought-out and appropriate for the occasion,” said.

They suggest simple additions such as plants, candles. Stringed lights, balloons or other items you may have on hand at home.

If you aren’t a tech savvy person, practice using the app beforehand and know how to mute, unmute, type a chat message or other actions you may be asked to do as a participant.

Be prepared to share in any requested festivities including speeches, toasts, and even dancing.

This will show your bride and groom you are excited and involved in the festivities.

Last but most important, be on time. Don’t be the person popping in during the vows. Some apps have chimes when new guest  arrive and chiming in is disrespectful to the sanctity of the ceremony.

Sign-in 15-30 minutes before the ceremony or at the requested time.

Dress Your Best

We know we’ve mastered comfortableness at home and PJs have become somewhat of a uniform but break out your nice duds for this special occasion. said full formal attire isn’t necessary, but dressy is.

“We do recommend a sundress, or your interpretation of dressy casual,” they said. “…Even though you are sitting on your couch, you’re celebrating an important milestone with the couple- let your attire show your respect and reverence for the event.”

Don’t be afraid to put on makeup, get a fresh haircut and come dressed to impress.

Remember the ceremony may be recorded

And yes, wear pants in case you have to stand up for any reason.

RSVP and send Your Gift in Advance

Make sure you still send an RSVP either via a mail card or couple’s website.

Like a traditional wedding, the couple must know attendance to plan according. Even if you can’t make it

Please plan to send a gift and make sure it arrives before the day of the ceremony.

Even if you are a procrastinator, do not try to Amazon Prime a gift or overnight something the day before the ceremony. It is not proper etiquette.

Research the couple’s registries months before and purchase the gift to be shipped to them or send a cash gift in advance to show your love and support.

“Wedding gifts are given to help newlyweds start their new life together, and are particularly important during these difficult times,” according to

Some online companies offer gift wrapping and card to go with gifts. Opt for the option and send a heartfelt and sentimental well wishes just as you would at a traditional wedding.

Being a virtual guest saves time and money as it excludes travel, but it is still a respectful occasion and should be treated as such.